About Us

vgamaa's provide great offers,exclusive discounts based on these services, and a seamless online booking experience.

Who We Are?

What We Do for You?

Before we discuss about why us ? we have to ask some questions to you. Firstly we have lots of application installed in our mobile but what they gives us ? The answer is nothing they just waste our time only. Even we helps those companies to earn money and they became rich and we are empty handed.

For Example :

As a user you recharge from lots of applications but in form of cashback you get nothing but in vgamaa's's we distribute recharge cashback to you and your referral too. As a user you purchased lots of clothes but there is no option of bargaining and you have to pay complete price as mentioned in website of many applications but in vgamaa's's you will got fix cashback and also helps to get your referral too.